Preparing for Moving Day


Moving an entire household can be difficult. It’s going to be a lot easier with these clever moving tips and tricks. These 21 easy moving tips and tricks can be used by anyone moving to a new place. All the best for your move and all the best! Do not spend your hard-earned cash on cardboard boxes. Instead, find free moving boxes at your local drop-off locations. You’ll likely find many cardboard boxes left behind by your neighbors. Craigslist, and Freecycle are all good places to look for free moving boxes. Find out more about finding free moving boxes by clicking here.

Moving boxes? Don’t forget about your old ones! Most small appliances and electronics are delivered in cardboard boxes. We recommend that you reuse move interstate any boxes that are still in use for the move. This will ensure your items fit in the box perfectly and save you money. You can get rid of heavy furniture, clothing, and other household items. You can schedule a donation pickup with Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Habitat for Humanity. You won’t have to transport your donations yourself and you can focus more on the move by having them collect it.

Do not hire the first company that you meet with. To compare prices and services, get quotes from at least three companies. Make sure that the moving company is properly licensed and insured when interviewing them. Here are some tips for interviewing movers. It’s easy for people to forget about the important things. We recommend that you bring a reusable water bottle to your new home on moving day. We are sure your movers will appreciate it.

Moving mid-week or mid-month is the best way to save money. It will be more expensive to move on weekends, when there is high demand. The rates for truck and moving company rentals tend to be lower from Monday through Friday. They are also more affordable in the middle of the month than they are on the first and last weekends. Do you need a long-distance moving company? It could take up to a week for your belongings to be delivered to your new home, depending on where you are moving. You can keep track of your stuff by placing your iPad in one of the boxes loaded onto the truck. To track your iOS device, you can use the “Find My iPhone” tool. This will also show you where your belongings are.

Do not spend money on expensive moving labels. To color-code boxes during moving, use simple colored post-it note. You can place a pink note on items you want to donate, and a green note on things you want to sell. For kitchen items, place orange post-it note on the boxes; for office items, put blue post-it notes in the boxes. To make it easier to move items into and out of your house, you’ll need the front door to be open. A back or interior door may also be required to remain open during the day. We recommend that you bring a door stopper to your house when you move.

You can kill two birds by packing fragile items in moving boxes with blankets and pillows. You can pack more items in the boxes by using blankets and pillows to cushion fragile items.

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